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Hot Product Preview April 2022

Products to Round Out the Spring Buying Season

Despite supply chain challenges and continued pandemic surges, manufacturers have continued to innovate and adapt to changing market conditions. As buying season continues, it’s crucial to implement strategies to bolster your inventory.

Hardware Retailing’s Hot Product Preview brings some of the latest product updates to independent retailers. On the following pages, see the latest offerings from trusted manufacturers across the channel who have supported this publication through advertising. From hardline categories to outdoor living and entertaining, these products can give your operation the boost it needs to make this uncertain season the best it can be for your business.

This is just the beginning of product research opportunities to take advantage of this spring. See many of these manufacturers and more at the National Hardware Show April 5-7 in Las Vegas.

backpack sprayerM.O.E. Backpack Sprayer
The Chapin 63950 Mixes on Exit (M.O.E.) Backpack Sprayer mixes the chemical concentrate as it sprays. Water from the main tank is mixed with concentrate from a separate tank. Mixing ratios can be set from 1 to 10 ounces per gallon. An extra tank allows for easy chemical switching.

Chapin International | chapinmfg.com or 800-950-4458

outdoor loungerOutdoor Lounger
The latest in Legz Up Technology™, the Legz Up Lounger is a portable option for combining comfort with innovation. It features a built-in leg rest, allowing users to switch back and forth seamlessly between legs up or legs down. Stay cool and comfortable when you recline the mesh backrest to one of four positions for an even more relaxing experience. Also includes a head pillow, beverage holder, phone pocket and backpack straps for easy portability.

GCI Outdoors | gcioutdoor.com

electronic hearing protectionElectronic Hearing Protector
The 3M™ Pro-Protect Electronic Hearing Protector protects hearing while allowing workers to stay aware of dangers on the job site simultaneously. This electronic hearing protector helps protect workers from hazardous noises, allows them to communicate in low-noise environments and enhances their situational awareness. With Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, they can make and receive phone calls through the headset. The soft, conformable ear cushions provide all-day comfort.

3M | 3m.com

compact utility sawCompact Utility Saw
Engineered to make tough jobs easier and more productive, Fiskars® Pro POWER TOOTH® Compact Utility Saw safely stores in tool belts for instant access. A one-handed flick of the wrist opens and closes the saw blade. Easy, front-loading blade changes require no tools and ensure blade security with no loose parts.

Fiskars | fiskars.com

flexible drain brushFlexible Drain Brush
Brushtech’s 48-inch extra-long, super-flexible drain brush clears hair, odor-causing gunk and blockages through the most complicated piping. When ordinary brushes and snakes can’t do the job, count on this brush to go deeper than ever before to unclog your pipes and drains. The brush bends through complicated piping, reaches deep to get rid of tough blockages and improves drainage flow. Brushtech brushes are made in the U.S.

Brushtech | brushtechbrushes.com

customer service kioskCustomer Service Kiosk
Paladin Data Corporation has integrated with AML’s Monarch Kiosk to give hardware stores a way to enhance customer service without adding additional staff. The kiosks, which can be mounted almost anywhere, allow customers to check the prices of items that are in the store’s Paladin Point of Sale inventory with the device’s barcode scanner. It’s an easy way for stores to help both customers and sales staff.

Paladin Data Corp. | paladinpointofsale.com

generatorGenerator With CO Detector
Mi-T-M’s Generator with CO Detector is a 2000-watt inverter generator equipped with a carbon monoxide (CO) detector and auto shutdown if CO levels become unsafe. It features GFCI protected receptacles, recoil start and a hand carry design for easy portability. It is quiet, efficient and can power anything from sensitive equipment during power outages to an electric grill for outdoor gatherings.

Mi-T-M | mitm.com or 800-553-9053

edgerCurved Shaft Edger
The STIHL FCA 135 curved shaft edger is built for extended use in noise-sensitive environments. With its high blade speed, the FCA 135 provides commercial-grade power and durability. The FCA 135 offers maneuverability ideal for flower beds or well-maintained edges and features durable construction with a weather-resistant design. It is made in the U.S. with a brushless motor and the same shaft and gearbox as the gasoline model; users can count on the FCA 135 to perform with the same high power and dependability of professional gas-powered products.

STIHL | stihlusa.com

bird repellentAromatic Bird Repellent
Bird-Out™ Aromatic Repellent is a low-cost, fast and trouble-free solution for keeping pest birds away from patios, decks, garages, warehouses and other outdoor areas. Each easy-to-use cartridge contains 50g of methyl anthranilate, a grapeseed extract proven to repel birds. Activate the cartridge with a twist, snap it into the dispenser and enjoy up to 60 days of effortless protection.

Bird B Gone | birdbgone.com

flashlight and headlampRechargeable Flashlight and Headlamp
Machined from solid aluminum and outfitted with COAST-patented PURE BEAM® optics, the XP11R flashlight and XPH30R headlamp define the top tier of professional-quality, rechargeable portable lighting. Both products offer seamless, transitional focusing between Ultra View Flood Beam and BULLS-EYE™ Spot Beam plus multiple output modes for advanced lighting control. The XP11R features COAST’s Turbo Mode, peaking at 2100 lumens. The COAST Dual Power system runs these two products on a COAST ZITHION-X™ rechargeable battery but also makes them compatible with disposable batteries. Innovative, bolder light keeps workers safer on the job—the true calling of the XP11R flashlight and XPH30R headlamp.

Coast Products | coastportland.com

multidirectional forkliftMultidirectional Forklift
The award-winning Combi-CB combines a compact counterbalance design with multidirectional capability. A universal forklift for handling mixed loads, the multipurpose Combi-CB counterbalance truck can revolutionize your handling operations. Traveling sideways with long loads is safer, maximizes available space and works inside a container.

Combilift | combilift.com

tube bird feederTube Bird Feeder
Designed to increase the number of birds you see at the feeder, TubeZilla™ is an all-purpose, large-capacity feeder for those who want to spend more time watching the birds and less time refilling the feeder. Larger perch size also makes it easier for bigger birds like robins and cardinals to feed and hang out. DomeZilla™ is the perfect accessory for Cole’s TubeZilla™ large capacity feeder with a full 18-inch diameter and two different size slots to fit multiple size feeders.

Cole’s Wild Bird | coleswildbird.com

decorative hardwareDecorative Hardware
No matter what type of outdoor structure your customers are building, Simpson Strong-Tie® Outdoor Accents decorative hardware provides both design elegance and structural strength. The Mission and Avant collections offer a choice of styles, from ornate and traditional to clean and simple. Both feature an innovative hex-head washer and fastener combo with the look of a bolted connection that installs as easily as driving a screw. Whichever collection your customers choose, all Outdoor Accents connectors and fasteners are rigorously tested for strength and performance for a safe, beautiful structure that lasts.

Simpson Strong-Tie | strongtie.com or 800-999-5099

mouse and insect trapMouse and Insect Trap
The Stick-All® Mouse & Insect Trap is the ultimate glue trap pest control solution. It specifically targets pesky mice and insects with bullet lure holes for beetles, unique diverting walls for mice and several slots for insects on each side of the cover. On the inside of the trap is the sure-fire Stick-All® Glue Trap. Once caught, pests stay caught and out of sight.

Kness | kness.com

sanding discs5-Inch Sanding Disc
3M Ultra Durable 5-Inch Sanding Discs are ideal for all stages of sanding wood, plastic or metal. 3M premium ceramic mineral technology cuts fast and lasts long. They are intended for use with a random orbital sanding tool. The HookIt™ attachment system allows for quick, secure attachment and easy removal. The unique universal hole pattern allows for efficient dust extraction on both five-hole and eight-hole sanders.

3M | 3m.com

pressure washerPressure Washers, Generators and Pumps
GNE now offers Powerhorse® brand pressure washers, generators and pumps. Powerhorse® delivers power, durability and innovative design through their entire product line. Their equipment is built to last using high-quality construction and a new level of technology. You’ll find Powerhorse® in a class all its own, combining function and value in a product that challenges the notion that quality comes at a higher cost.

Great Northern Equipment | gnedi.com

Leather AdhesiveLiquid Leather and Fabric Adhesive
Tear Mender eliminates the hassle of sewing. This non-toxic, waterproof adhesive forms permanent yet flexible bonds to fabric, leather and vinyl. It is ideal for garment repairs, crafts and more. The glue is acid-free and formulated with natural latex. Bonds are usable or wearable within three minutes and wash-proof in 15 minutes, making this product a quick fix for immediate fabric repairs such as torn pockets and belt loops, ripped accessories and holes in jeans and clothing. Tear Mender is ideal for repairs on indoor or outdoor apparel, leather, upholstery, home decor, sport or marine gear and more.

Lighthouse for the Blind | tearmender.com

window air conditionerWindow Air Conditioner
The RXTS-Series Window Air Conditioner is an evolution in design and features, providing more security, quieter operation and better efficiency. The revolutionary “U” shape allows the window sash to close and lock through the chassis, effectively separating the compressor portion of the air conditioner and locking the noisy outside world away from your peace and quiet. The advanced inverter compressor and DC fans work in concert with the unique design to provide world-class efficiency and idyllic, peaceful comfort.

MARS/Comfort-Aire | comfort-aire.com

interior paintInterior Paint
Unparalleled color depth and richness have long been the hallmark of ultra-premium AURA®, an interior paint that stands in a class by itself. Benjamin Moore improved upon AURA’s perfection with a new proprietary resin and other enhancements, elevating AURA to even greater heights of beauty and performance, including unbeatable hide, improved application and a long-lasting finish.

Benjamin Moore | benjaminmoore.com

point-of-sale softwarePoint-of-Sale Software
Epicor for Retail point-of-sale and retail management solutions are made with retailers, for retailers, designed with 50 years of know-how. As the most experienced retail software provider, Epicor is a dedicated partner offering the capabilities you need to streamline your business and focus on creating the customer connections that set you apart.

Epicor | epicor.com

ant baitAnt Baits
RESCUE!® Ant Baits are the most effective and no-mess way to solve an ant problem at the source. Ants find it fast and the colony is knocked down fast thanks to a patented bait formula that uses multiple foods to entice the ants. The gel formula won’t spill or leak and it’s encased in a child-resistant bait station you can place anywhere around your home.

RESCUE!® | antbaits.com

crack repair caulkCrack Repair Caulk Tube
3M™ High Strength Crack Repair makes repairs three times faster. The precision tip applies the fiber-reinforced compound directly into surface cracks in both interior and exterior fills. Ideal for drywall, ceilings, stucco and concrete fractures with no shrinking, cracking or sagging.

3M | 3m.com

exterior acrylic latex paintExterior Acrylic Latex Paint
Covercoat XL is an ultra-premium exterior acrylic latex paint fortified with X-Link Technology. It is designed to perform in all environments and is suited for all seasons, extending the painting season and allowing for low-temperature application down to an air and surface temperature of 35 F. It is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces and properly primed metal surfaces like gutters and downspouts and is MPI 10, 15, 214 and 315 approved. Covercoat XL offers early splatter, rain and surfactant resistance, is dry to rain in one hour, has exceptional hide and coverage and excellent flow and leveling. It is available in four sheens (flat, velvet, satin, low sheen), three bases (white, deep, neutral) and three sizes (1 gallon, 5 gallon, quart).

RODDA Paint | roddapaint.com

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