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NRHA editor Renee Changnon and Tara Mazzarella from Independent We Stand took off on a road trip today to visit and learn from independent retailers across the nation.

NRHA Hits the Road to Visit Independents

Independent We Stand, an organization that supports locally owned businesses, is taking to the road today to visit independents from Detroit to Boston – and the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) is along for the ride.

During the trip, Independent We Stand and NRHA will meet with business owners, including independent home improvement retailers, to learn about the issues they face and why preserving their businesses is important for future generations.

Be sure to watch hardwareretailing.com for road trip news from NRHA editor Renee Changnon, and follow the adventure through pictures and Renee’s daily updates on Hardware Retailing‘s Facebook and Twitter sites.

The trip is designed to promote the importance of America’s Main Streets and small, locally owned businesses. The Independent We Stand and NRHA team will visit five cities in five days and will eat, sleep and play local the entire way. The adventure kicks off today in Detroit and will end Friday in Boston.

The trip will include stops at businesses in and around these cities:

  • Monday, June 29 – Day 1 – Detroit
  • Tuesday, June 30 – Day 2 – Cleveland
  • Wednesday, July 1 – Day 3 – Philadelphia
  • Thursday, July 2 – Day 4 – New York City
  • Friday, July 3 – Day 5 – Boston

Renee will represent NRHA when meeting a variety of retailers and share their stories through social media posts and articles. She will update readers on where the trip takes the team and major takeaways she learns along the way.

“We are pumped to be visiting parts of the country that have deep, historical roots that are intertwined with the American spirit,” says Bill Brunelle, co-founder of Independent We Stand. “Our goal is to help Americans understand the value and importance of Main Streets and what they bring to local communities.”

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