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New Products – May 2024

Toilet Ring Repair Ring

The Oatey Fix-It flange repair ring can be used to securely repair broken, cracked or worn-out toilet mounting flanges without having to replace the flange. It is designed to fit universally and is compatible with all flooring types, including concrete. The repair ring includes 10 mounting holes for a wide range of installation options and accommodates ¼-inch or 5/16‏-inch closet bolts.

Oatey | oatey.com

Lubricating Oil

Rust Patrol lubricating oil contains no VOCs and works as an efficient lubricant while providing up to one year of rust prevention. Using nanotechnology to move down into the grains of metal, Rust Patrol lubricating oil will stop the friction, grinding and wear and tear of metal on metal, extending the life of equipment.

Aidant Brands | rustpatrol.com

Angle Grinder

The M18 FUEL™ 4½-inch/5-inch Dual-Trigger Braking Grinder provides greater control through dual trigger activation, permanent side handle and AutoStop™ kickback control. The braking grinder’s dual-trigger activation requires two hands for operation and the permanent side handle allows for 15 positions, improving control and accessibility.

Milwaukee Tool | milwaukeetool.com

Ladder Accessory Holder

The Monkey KLAMP is the only patented universal ladder accessory that makes ladder jobs safer, faster and easier by allowing users to maintain three -points of contact while safely completing tasks without having to balance unsafely or go up and down the ladder to grab their tools.

Monkey Rung Products | monkeyrung.com

Vitamin Shower Filter

The Voesh Vitamin C Shower Filter eliminates chlorine and water impurities. Infused with vitamin C, vegan probiotics, oatmeal powder, hyaluronic acid and an essential oil complex, it goes beyond purification to nourish and protect both skin and hair. The Vitamin C Shower Filter can be used up to 110 times, depending on shower length. It is available in five  scents: Clean Ocean, Lavender Land, Citrus Crush, Blossom Bliss and Rainforest Mist.

Voesh New York | voesh.com

Flood Barriers

Quick Dam Grab-and-Go Buckets contain flood bags and barriers—stored in a high visibility orange bucket—that absorb, contain and divert problem flood water. Products within Buckets are water-activated and provide ongoing protection.

Quick Dam | quickdams.com

Work Flannel

The tech flannel is an elevated snap-front work flannel with smart stretch, enhanced warmth and durable water repellent. The top-rated tech flannel is a new take on a job site classic, upgraded for performance with a flexible fabric and technical features for year-round comfort.

TRUEWERK | truewerk.com

Door Drying Rack

Paint or refinish interior doors quickly and easily with the interior door stand. Single operators can paint multiple full-size interior doors in a confined space. Doors  rotate on a foot-operated turntable as they rest on spikes to expose the bottom edge and allow spraying of all sides of the door from a stationary position.

PaintLine | paintline.com

Gourmet Brownie

The Kitchen Sink brownie is a blonde brownie mixed with rainbow sprinkles topped with M&Ms® and mini chocolate chips baked on top of a fudge brownie. All Killer Brownies are made with clean ingredients like hormone-free butter, natural flavors, unbleached flour and sustainably sourced cocoa.

Killer Brownie | killerbrownie.com

Steak Seasoning

Blanco Steak and Everything Else seasoning is a mix of salt, dehydrated garlic, onion and other seasonings. This seasoning is gluten and dairy free, and is offered in a four-pack or 1- and 5-pound bag.

Meat Church | meatchurch.com

Door Security System

The Masonite Performance Door System with M-Protect Multipoint Security Lock is an innovative exterior door system that offers homeowners superior protection, with four times more impact resistance than standard deadbolt locks as confirmed by certified third-party testing. The door system fits a variety of handle sets and is compatible with electronic deadbolts.

Masonite | masonite.com

Hemp Wood Wax

Clapham’s Hemp Wood Wax is a food-safe wood finish that uses hemp oil instead of mineral oil, resulting in a petroleum-free wood finish product that brings out colors and unique features of the wood it’s applied to. It is suitable for salad bowls and butcher blocks and can be used as a cutting board wax, on wooden spoons and as a food-safe countertop finish. Because of its natural processing and food-safe ingredients, it is also the perfect furniture finish for children’s wooden toys and cribs.

Claphams | claphams.com

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