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Help Customers With These Memorial Day Projects

Memorial Day isn’t just a day of remembrance and the unofficial start of the summer. It’s a well-known weekend for outdoor events, IndyCar’s Indianapolis 500 and, most importantly to independent retailers, home projects.

Whether it’s sprucing up an entertainment space or finally tackling spring cleaning, homeowners will be looking to make the most of (hopefully) good weather. Whether the sun shines on your customers’ plans or not, be ready to help them take on their goals over the holiday weekend.

Brighten Up the Outdoors

Many homeowners will be making the most of their outdoor spaces during Memorial Day weekend, opening up opportunities to help with more than just mundane cleaning tasks. While having items like pressure washers, deck stains and grills on display and at the ready is great merchandising for the season, you can also encourage customers to think of fun when they come into your store.

Items like outdoor speakers (both wired and remote) can turn any deck into a party. More and more customers are  expecting technology in their home items, and weather-resistant speakers are great items to offer. Outdoor lighting is a great upgrade for this time of year, but not every homeowner is ready for a full project like wiring in a new sconce. Have string lights in trendy designs ready for homeowners who want to make a quick upgrade to their patio before hosting a party.

Easy Garden Solutions

Customers with a green thumb might have had their plans laid out halfway through winter, but some homeowners get the bug just as Memorial Day is approaching. You can have flowers and vegetable plants ready for gardeners that have their plot of land mapped out, but creative opportunities abound for homeowners digging in last minute.

Raised flowerbeds and potted plants give homeowners the chance to get started immediately after getting home from your store. A bag of planting soil and some helpful tips from an associate can get a garden or decorative flower project off to a great start with little prep time for the homeowner.

Weather Woes

Not every Memorial Day weekend is sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes Mother Nature shoos you back indoors even while you’re setting up for a big tailgate or parade. Don’t let your customers down when they find themselves stuck inside for a few days. Indoor projects are a great chance to take advantage of some free time.

With warmer weather on the way, fans of every variety will be getting more use. Encourage customers to clean their ceiling fans with long-arm dusters as well as floor-level fans that might have been in storage. Does every fan work as well as the customer would like? See if something in stock would be better suited to their space.

Spring cleaning isn’t just limited to entertainment spaces. The garage is a constant source of storage-solution woes, and a warm day with less-than-great weather is a chance to leave the overhead door open and tackle the clutter. Have space-saving products ready to help anyone looking to make the most of the weekend.

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