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Beat the Heat With the Right Sprinklers

As the summer heat continues to climb, it can turn once vibrant gardens and lush lawns brown and sickly. Help your customers beat the heat by offering a variety of sprinklers designed to keep the garden watered and the lawn green throughout the summer and into seasons beyond. 

Reaching a large yard or an elevated flower bed with a traditional sprinkler can be difficult. Gardener’s Supply Co. offers a high-rise sprinkler that stands 5 feet tall to cover a 22-foot circular radius around the sprinkler. Made of brass, the sprinkler is designed to last several summer seasons before needing to be replaced. To keep the sprinkler solidly in the ground, a 7-inch spike can be placed in the ground and screwed directly into the sprinkler and hose for high-efficiency watering. 

For customers with large yards, the Orbit Traveling Tractor Sprinkler can be programmed to travel across yards without falling over thanks to its spiked wheels that keep it firmly planted in the ground. The adjustable radius can cover anywhere from 15 to 55 feet around the sprinkler as it moves around the yard at three different speed settings: low, neutral and high. 

A more traditional oscillating sprinkler is another option for  customers who want to water a wide area, such as a flower bed, garden or lawn. The Melnor Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler With Timer is easily adjustable to water up to 4,500 square feet of lawn or garden. The built-in timer can be set for any time up to two hours and will automatically shut off when the timer is complete, making watering the yard a breeze.

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