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Help Customers Get Crafty

One way to keep individuals entertained is through crafting, both for kids and adults. Consider stocking the following items in your store to keep the whole family entertained and increase add-on sales when merchandised at or near the counter. 

Yarn-y Comfort

A growing crafting trend with many customers revolves around yarn. There are many ways to incorporate yarn into various projects, especially when using crafting starter kits. The Woobles is a craft kit filled with everything needed to create a small crochet plushie out of yarn. These beginner kits also come with various designs, so it’s easy to make different plushies. 

Macrame is a yarn-based craft that uses thicker yarn tied into a series of knots. It does not require a crochet hook or knitting needles. Each macrame kit from Modern Macrame comes in simple packages filled with yarn, a cord and design patterns to help customers bring a bit of homemade art to their living space.

Bursting With Color

While yarn is popular with some customers, not all of them are interested in working with it. Offer other crafting kits to help individuals find something new to enjoy. Diamond painting is also growing in popularity. Similar to paint by number crafts, it uses textured ‘diamonds’ instead of paint to create the picture. The canvas has a sticky surface with a square grid filled with numbers that coordinate to a specific color. Diamond Art Club has a variety of prints ranging from superheroes and villains to video game characters and everything in between. Every canvas comes with all the materials needed to bring the picture to life. 

Adult coloring books and a pack of colored pencils are another option that will keep customers occupied for hours. While there are tons of coloring books available, Pomegranate offers unique options not typically found in big-box stores or larger craft stores. Stocking these coloring books will set you apart from the competition.

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