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Joint NRHA Event Will Help Innovation Blossom

At the Independent Garden Center Show (IGC) in Chicago Aug. 13-15, all independent retailers will have the chance to explore three premiere co-located events: the Independent Home Improvement Show—Powered by NHS, the NRHA STIHL Foundations of Leadership Conference and the State of Independents Midyear Review, hosted by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA).

One of the major benefits of attending this lawn and garden event is the powerful lineup of speakers planned for the shows. From educators to industry analysts and a rock star, the speakers will offer tangible ways for independent retailers to see their lawn and garden category blossom.

Learn more about the events’ keynote speakers below, and check out the full itinerary online to discover more topics that can bring your business to new heights.

IGC Keynotes

Tuesday, Aug. 13

Through Your Customers’ Eyes: What Science Shows They See (And Ignore!) While Shopping Your Store

In this keynote speech, Dr. Bridget Behe, professor of horticultural marketing at Michigan State University, will discuss how customers view your store and what you can do to give them a positive impression of your operation.

Wednesday, Aug. 14

What Can a Classic Rock Star Do to Help You and Your Garden Center? Plenty!

Presented by Jeff Baxter, rock musician and consultant to the U.S. Department of Defense, this session will give retailers an entertaining, insightful look at how inspiration and innovation can come from unlikely sources.

Thursday, Aug. 15

Cracking the Millennial Code: A Look at the Generation Who at Times Makes Us Laugh… And Tear Our Hair Out!

Presented by top-rated radio talk show host and award-winning commentator Mark Belling, this presentation will give a full overview of millennials and their shopping habits to help retailers boost sales and connect with some of the industry’s youngest shoppers.

NRHA STIHL Foundations of Leadership Conference Sessions

Tuesday, Aug. 13 

NRHA STIHL Foundations of Leadership Conference Kick-Off

Panel Discussion—The Independent’s Advantage: Vibrant Stores Through Leadership, Loyalty and Growth

Moderated by Scott Wright, executive director of the North American Retail Hardware Association’s Retail Leadership Institute, this panel discussion will offer insights from instructors of NRHA’s Retail Management Certification Program and the Foundations of Leadership program. They will detail major challenges and opportunities facing independent retailers.

Panelists include Wil Davis of the Ball State Innovation Corp.; Dr. Rob Matthews, director of the Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute of Ball State University and the co-owner of M & W Gardens; and Dr. Mike Goldsby, chief entrepreneurship officer of Ball State University.

Wednesday, Aug. 14

The Power of Purpose: An Independent’s Advantage in All Seasons

In addition to the seasons of the year, a home improvement store also weathers different seasons in terms of sales, staff and strategy. Presented by Wil Davis, this session will explore a conceptual framework to guide us as we make decisions through various transitions in the cycles of business.

5 Key Insights for Retail Excellence

Dr. Rob Matthews has more than 23 years of experience in home improvement retail and will share his five key insights to achieve retail excellence to improve sales, team coordination and customer relationships.

State of Independents Conference Midyear Review

Tuesday, Aug. 13

Welcome Address and State of the Industry—A Midyear Review

Presented by Dan Tratensek, this welcome session will give attendees a thorough summary of the status of the home improvement industry at the year’s halfway point.

A Changing Industry: Midyear Review

Jim Robisch, senior partner of The Farnsworth Group, will lead attendees through specific information on the challenges and opportunities facing independent home improvement retailers in 2019.

Register to Attend 4 Events Under 1 Roof

Independent retailers can gain information and insights from four separate events for free by registering to attend the 2019 IGC Show, held Aug. 13-15 in Chicago. Get more information on how these four events can bring new potential to your business and register to attend the events today.

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