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Hot Products – September 2, 2020

window clipWindow Clip
(sponsored product)
PLYLOX ™ Commercial Hurricane Window clip is an extruded aluminum product used to board up commercial windows with aluminum frames. It is designed to use a set screw to tighten against the frame to hold ¾ inch plywood in place to protect windows from strong winds and flying debris. All PLYLOX ™ products are lab tested and made in the USA with US steel.

plylox.com or 800-583-4289

Nutdriver11-in-1 Screwdriver and Nut Driver
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The easy-to-change screwdriver and nut driver in one holds eight universal tips: No. 1 and 2 Phillips, 3/16 and ¼ Slotted, #1 and #2 Square Recess, T10 and T15 Torx® and converts to three nut driver series: ¼, 5/16 and 3/8. This tool, backed by a lifetime warranty, comes in bulk – Part No. 51011, clamshell – Part No. 51011C and 6 Pack Display – Part No. 51011D6.

Mayhew Tools
mayhew.com or  800-872-0037

LED Tool LightMagnetic LED Tool Light
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Lumax’s Magnetic LED Light (LX-1436) attaches securely to most hand tools and is ideal for use on Grease Guns, Screwdrivers, Wrenches, Pliers, Ratchets, etc. It lights-up dark work areas in seconds. The Strong Magnets hold on to the tool securely during operation and will not fall-off. The Compact Lightweight Design, only weighing 0.25 ounces, makes it easy to store and put in your toolbox.

lumax.com or 844-660-6876

Head LampHeadlamp + Magnetic Flashlight
(sponsored product)

Police Security® Flashlights’ MORF R230 features a removable magnetic flashlight and base lights. When attached, the headlamp allows the user to work hands-free. When the head is detached, it becomes a hand-held rechargeable flashlight or magnetic work light, leaving a secondary light in the headlamp base. The user now has TWO light sources, no shadows–an unbeatable lighting experience for any project.

Police Security

Rust PreventativeRust Preventative
(sponsored product)
Rust Patrol Heavy Duty has a new look! We’ve updated our label to be more informative to your customers, highlighting the thing we do best – prevent rust. Also, around our diamond are the other benefits of using Rust Patrol. Penetrate, lubricate and repel water. If you’re ready to sell your customers the absolute best, then give us a call!

Rust Patrol
rust-patrol.com or 803-396-8400

Toilet Tank Lever HandleToilet Tank Lever
(sponsored product)

Perfect Fit­™ Premium Tank Levers add a finishing touch to your bath with a weighty and perfectly polished lever. They’re easy to install and available in 3 popular finishes. For installation and information visit Fluidmaster.com.


Smart Pan & BurnerSmart Pan and Burner
This induction burner and pan combo by HestanCue™ will help your customers cook like a chef. Users just pair the product to the app, choose a recipe from the extensive online library, and start cooking. The app guides users through meal creation, keeping pan at optimal temperature, and telling user when to flip, add, or remove items from the heat. 

Hesten Cue

Smart CookerSmart Pressure Cooker
The CHEF iQ® Smart Cooker is a pressure cooker with a brain. Built in scales, that can be adjusted for either metric or standard measures, allow users to weigh ingredients directly in the pot. The app not only provides several recipes but allows users to check their meals on their phones, as well as release pressure from the unit when desired.


Smart Kitchen ScaleSmart Kitchen Scale
Find out the weight of ingredients, as well as their nutritional value with the SmartConnect™ Kitchen Scale from Escali. Measurements are sent via Bluetooth® to the app, which contains an extensive database that can assist users in tracking calories and other information. The integrated timer gives the scale dual-purpose. The scale includes an easy to clean glass surface, zero reset, and automatic shut-off.

escali.com or 800-467-6408

Air FryerSmart Air Fryer
One of the hottest new appliances on the market is the air fryer, and this model from Cosori kicks it up to another level. Wi-Fi enabled, this unit can be controlled not only through the easy-to-use touch panel, but through the app (which also has 100 pre-programmed recipes), or via Alexa or Google Assistant. The air fryer uses over 80 percent less oil than standard fryers. 

cosori.com or 888-402-1684

Light ChainsawLight Chainsaw
A lightweight product for heavy-duty use, Powerhead is under seven pounds. It’s features include STIHL ElastoStart™ and Quickstop®, anti-vibration, significantly reduced emissions, multiple safety features, and a translucent fuel tank, among many others.

stihlusa.com or 800-467-8445

Pruning ShearsRatcheting Pruning Shears
These anvil-style, ratcheting pruners give users extra power when pruning. Blade design retains sharpness through considerable usage and is resistant to gumming up. Handle lock keeps shears closed when not in use. 

fiskars.com or 866-348-5661

Work GlovesHeavy Work Gloves
The HP|Workman Heavy gloves are designed to comfortably protect hands during heavy outdoor chores. The patented dual-layer fabric is fire-, cut-, puncture-, and tear-resistant, while the knuckle guard protects against impacts. The fingertips and palm are designed with touch-screen accepted leather, and the adjustable wrist cinch strap keeps gloves on and debris out. WorkArmor is a disabled veteran-owned business.

workarmor.com or info@workarmor.com

Ant BaitsChild-Resistant Ant Baits
(sponsored product)
Just a few ants observed indoors can signal an infestation, and baits are the most effective means for wiping out ant colonies. RESCUE! Ant Baits use two foods to attract more types of ants. The poison is shared with all members of the ant colony, wiping out workers, larvae and the queen. Bait stays contained in the child-resistant housing, with no unsightly spills or messy pools of bait leaking out of the bait station.


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