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Hot Products – November 4, 2020

Toilet Flush LeverToilet Flush Lever
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Perfect Fit™ Premium Tank Levers add a designer’s touch to your toilet tank with a coordinating finish and weighty upgraded lever. These easy to install and Popular styles and finishes and are available at your favorite local hardware store. Make your room complete with these new designs and premium-quality parts.


Lexel CaulkElastic Caulk
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Lexel is the No. 2 selling SKU in the caulk aisle! Let customers know—it’s the tough elastic sealant for every job. Paintable and available in crystal clear and white, Lexel sticks to most anything, wet or dry. It is the instantly waterproof all-purpose sealant with a maximum stretch of 800 percent, so it won’t crack over time.

sashco.com or 800-767-5656

Screw PliersScrew Pliers
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Made from industrial quality tool steel, these heavy-duty 8 inch pliers are used to remove damaged, corroded, rusted, painted over or tamperproof screws, nuts and bolts. The powerful serrated jaws at the tip of the pliers have a radius that conform to the most common size screw heads to increase surface area contact allowing for better grip and more torque. The plastisol slip-on grips provide more secure and comfortable grasp of the handle.

Mayhew Tools
mayhew.com or 877-843-5818

Stinger BrushMulti-Filament Paint Brush
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The Original Multi-filament Brush features Stinger Tip technology to make painting more efficient with the addition of extended filaments for better control and faster performance. Excels in the easy release of paint on rough surfaces and heavier material with our high-performance applicator. It features PBT filaments for durability and easy cleanup. The Original Multi-filament Brush is suitable for corners and edges, general painting and all types of paint.

Stinger Brush
stingerbrush.com or 888-497-8464

Angry OrangeOdor Eliminator
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The Angry Orange Pet Odor Elimination 24 ounce Premix Spray Bottle is the fastest growing product in the pet industry. Made from essential oil from real oranges, it destroys odors at the source and leaves a pleasant aroma.

angryorange.com or 877-757-3422

Simple KeyReplacement Key and Pairing Device
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Simple Key® is a new way for consumers to easily replace modern car keys without the time, expense and hassle of a dealership service appointment. The “do-it-yourself” consumer-friendly kit includes a universal key and EZ Installer™ pairing device. Consumers follow simple instructions to pair keys to their vehicle at the press of a button—no tools required. For the first time in 30 years, Simple Key brings high-profit, high-value automotive key replacement back to retail.

Car Keys Express
carkeysexpress.com or 800-557-3977377

Golf OrganizerGolf Organizer
The storage unit holds two golf bags and has a bin and three shelves for shoes, balls, rain gear and other accessories. The organizer is made from durable metal and has adjustable feet. The design includes a foam strip for protecting clubs.

suncast.com or 800-444-3310

Bicycle Chain LubeBicycle Chain Lube
Green Oil Wet Chain lube is a plant-based, biodegradable bicycle chain oil. It  prevents rust, reduces wear and is usable in all weather conditions. One application lasts for up to 125 miles. The award-winning product was developed by cyclists.

Green Oil
green-oil.net or 020-7274-8725

Glove ConditionerGlove Conditioner
For use with all oil tanned leather baseball gloves, Pecard’s glove oil protects against weather damage, prevents hardening and cracking of leather, and will not harm stitching. The product can also be used to break in gloves. The glove oil is the same formulation of the company’s Leather Dressing product. Made in the USA.

pecard.com or 800-467-5056

Ice Fishing Tent

Ice Fishing Tent
The Scout XL Thermal Fish Trap is an updated version of a 1980 ice angling tent created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original Fish Trap. The enclosed, portable fish house has a retro look but includes the technology and features of modern Clam ice houses, including thermal fabric, stronger poles, heavy duty tubs and accessories.


Clam Outdoors
clamoutdoors.com or 800-423-3474

smart air filterSmart Air Filters
Filtrete Smart Air Filters are equipped with a sensor that takes all the guesswork out of replacing them. The sensor monitors air flow and usage as well as timing to let users know the best time to change filters. The smart app also provides outdoor air quality information, tips for improving air quality in homes, and makes reordering easier.

filtrete.com or 800-388-3458

air purifierCommercial Air Purifier
The IQAir Health Pro Series air purifier produces up to 25 percent more clean air, is 32 percent quieter and has a 38 percent longer filter life than its predecessors. The HyperHEPA filtration system is effective against ultrafine particles smaller than 0.1 microns.

iqair.com or 866-488-1918

hybrid electric air cleanerHybrid Electronic Air Cleaner
York’s MERV 16 Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner integrates with existing HVAC systems to enhance performance. The MERV 16 filtration removes virus-sized particles, bacteria, dust, allergens, molds and pollutants. The electronic air cleaner operates continuously as part of the HVAC system. 


Mini Split A/CMini Split Air Conditioner
The Mr. Cool Olympus® E Star Ductless Mini Split is Energy Star® certified single zone air conditioner rated up to 23 SEER efficiency and has a turbo setting for immediate response. The condenser is corrosion resistant for long life. The smart HVAC controller and app work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple and Android smart devices for enhanced control. 


Mr. Cool


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