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Hot Products – March 13, 2024

Plant Hanger Display (Sponsored)

The all-plastic Benchmaster™ Three Step Plant Hanger Plus Display has become a staple for storefront merchandising. Designed to display multiple product tiers, it helps maximize vertical space while showcasing the natural color of flora. This merchandiser will stand the test of time even when exposed to extreme climate conditions. This display is available in 36-, 66- and 96-inch lengths.

SPC Retail | spc-retail.com

Rodent Control (Sponsored)

Elevate your pest control game with Kness’s triple threat of rodent control products. Together, the Snap-E®, Pro-Ketch® and Ketch-All® form a trifecta of rodent protection. Snap-E’s precision, Pro-Ketch’s efficiency and Ketch-All’s versatility make them the ultimate tools for pest management pros. Trust in Kness’s 100 years of experience for unmatched quality and proven results. Choose the triple threat trifecta and experience a revolution in pest control!

Kness | kness.com

Plant Food (Sponsored)

Giving your plants what they need is the key to growing delicious tomatoes, vegetables and fruits. This plant food “feeds like nature” by dissolving nutrients and vital micronutrients evenly when watered. It is easy to use and is suitable for all plants.

Knox Fertilizer Co. | knoxfert.com

Acrylic Paint (Sponsored)

SUPER II High-Performance Paint and Primer-in-One is an ultra-premium interior paint, formulated with the latest Acrylic Waterborne Technology to deliver high-performance characteristics with maximum durability, premium stain resistance, outstanding washability and low-VOC. Super II is the go-to coating when product quality is of the essence to ensure outstanding application performance and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Rodda Paint | roddapaint.com

Seam Tape (Sponsored)

Sikaflex insulation Sealant/Adhesive is a one-component flashing sealant designed for hard-to-bond surfaces. It’s great for basement insulation, masonry, CMU block and insulation boards. It’s UV-stable and highly durable. Sikaflex will not dissolve or melt foam board and it seals gaps to avoid penetrations. Sika Insulation Seam Tape is designed to seal seam joints, overlaps of house wraps and weather barriers. The tape is clear in appearance for easy placement. 

Sika | usa.sika.com

Telescoping Paint Pole

The iSpray360® is a durable and lightweight telescoping paint pole featuring a control arm that allows for easy movement of the spray tip up and down. It is the only pole that rotates 360 degrees left and right, allowing painters to hit more spots at every angle with far less moving around, less effort, less fatigue and less time.

Monkey Rung Products | monkeyrung.com

Angle Grinder

The M18 FUEL™ 4-1/2-inch/5-inch Dual-Trigger Braking Grinder provides greater control through dual trigger activation, permanent side handle and AutoStop™ kickback control. The braking grinder’s dual-trigger activation requires two hands for operation and the permanent side handle provides 15 positions, improving control and accessibility.

Milwaukee Tool | milwaukeetool.com

Toilet Ring Repair Ring

The Oatey Fix-It flange repair ring can be used to securely repair broken, cracked or worn-out toilet mounting flanges without having to replace the flange. It is designed to fit universally and is compatible with all flooring types, including concrete. The repair ring includes 10 mounting holes for a wide range of installation options and accommodates ¼-inch or 5/16-inch closet bolts.

Oatey | oatey.com

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