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Hot Products – June 17, 2020

Window ClipWindow Clip
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PLYLOX ™ ¾ inch carbon steel hurricane window clip is a tension steel product used to board up brick, stucco or wood framed windows with a 2 inch to 3 inch inset. It is designed out of tension steel to hold ¾ inch plywood in place to protect windows from strong winds and flying debris. All PLYLOX ™ products are lab tested and made in the USA with US steel.

plylox.com or 800-583-4289

Weed KillerWeed Killer
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Through dependable, broad-spectrum performance, Gordon’s® Trimec® has been a trusted name in weed control for more than 50 years. With Trimec® SPEED Lawn Weed Killer, Gordon’s® is stomping on the accelerator. Trimec Speed kills 250+ weeds fast. In fact, weeds start to die in about eight hours. Trimec Speed is available in concentrate, ready-to-use, and ready spray formulas, and it won’t harm lawns when used as directed.

gordonusa.com or 816-421-4070

Brick EdgingPlastic Brick Edging
Light the path to the door or to that special place in the garden with Let’s Edge It!® decorative edging bricks from Argee™ Corporation. Plastic construction makes installation quick, snapping together and pressing into place. Lighted kits come in 20- or 40-foot lengths, while unlighted kits come in 25-foot lengths; all can be installed in either straight or curved layouts. UV resistant and heat-cold tolerant.

Argee Corp.
argeecorp.com or 619-449-5050

Portable GrillPortable Grill
Get your grill on anywhere you go with this portable grill from nomadiQ Grills. The unit opens flat to provide a large surface area for grilling and uses a portable propane canister to supply fuel. Non-stick interior surface makes clean up a breeze.

nomadiqgrills.com or 855-474-5524

Trough PlanterTrough Planter
Add a bit of rustic charm to the garden with Behren Metalware’s Footed Trough Planter. Constructed from galvanized steel, this charming planter is durable and rust-resistant, making it a great addition to the yard. It holds 3 ½ quarts, dimensions are 5 inches x 5 inches by 15 inches.

Behren Mfg.
behrensmfg.com or 800-657-4939

Patio UmbrellaPatio Umbrella
Continue the outdoor entertainment into the evening hours under this multi-functional patio umbrella. The generous canopy provides protection from the sun during the day and lights up the night with its solar powered LEDs located along the support ribs. The integrated Bluetooth speakers connect with smartphones or other enabled music players to liven up the party.

Abble Inc.
abbleinc.com or 909-244-0015

Bluetooth SpeakerBluetooth® Speaker
High quality sound is nothing new to Bose, and the Soundlink Revolve+ portable speaker is no exception. The speaker has a sleek, seamless design, and a rechargeable battery with up to twelve hours of play time. It is also water- and shock-resistant and can be paired with other Bose speakers for total home sound. Additional features include a multi-function button that, when pressed, can access users’ phones for Siri or Google Assistant without actually using the phone.

bose.com or 800-379-2073

Serving TrayServing Tray
Keeping foods at optimal temperatures when tailgating can be a challenge, but this serving product is up for the challenge. The Grill Pardner has the versatility to accommodate a range of temperature needs by using either chafing fuel or dry ice, and it is tough enough to withstand heavy use, thanks to its ten-gauge steel construction. Available in sizes ranging from sixteen to thirty inches in diameter. It is Made in USA.

Don Strange of Texas
grillpardner.com or 210-434-2331

Plant AugerPlant Auger
Two tools that can make quick work of garden chores. these 100 percent steel augers attach to most cordless or electric drills to help save time and effort when planting bulbs, flat-pack plants, and even seeds and grass plugs. The larger bulb auger can even be used to mix cement in small batches.

Power Planter
powerplanter.com or 217-379-2614

Soil Moisture SensorSoil Moisture Sensor
Save water and prevent overwatering lawns and plants with the AquaSentry® Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor from Melnor®. The sensor wirelessly talks to the RainCloud Smart Water Timers or AquaTimers (both sold separately), letting them know whether or not watering is necessary. Can be positioned up to two hundred feet from timers.

melnor.com or 540-722-5600

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