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Hot Products – December 20, 2023

Foam Roller Cover

The 9-inch deck stain roller cover is the newest addition to Mr Longarm’s products. Its Flextech® roller covers hold more stain, cover more area in less time and provide a smooth finish. The tear-resistant roller covers last longer than regular foam roller covers and are compatible with either water- or oil-based stains. The polypropylene core fits any 9-inch roller frame.

Mr. Longarm | mrlongarm.com

Tool Holster

The Spider Pro Holster system is the only self-locking holstering system for cordless power tools. It allows for an ergonomic way to holster and carry tools while enabling quick, one-handed access when it matters most. The Spider Tool Holster system is designed to help you work more efficiently and safely. Clip it on your everyday pant belt or tool belt and carry your nailer, tape measure and drill without the fear of dropping and breaking your valuable tools

Spider Gear | spidertoolholster.com

Yard Trimmer

The Trimyxs offers a superior approach to traditional weed trimming and edging. It is the first-ever universal push lawn mower attachment that allows consumers to not only mow their lawn but also trim and edge at the same time.

Trimyxs | trimyxs.com


Twist Ties

With a tensile strength of 500 pounds, you can trust Twisted Goat ties with even your most ambitious projects. Whether you’re securing, organizing, storing or transporting your belongings, Goat Ties are up to the challenge. Once you twist, tie or wrap the Goat Tie, it will stay secure until you need it for your next project.

Twisted Goat | twistedgoat.com


Moving Straps

ShoulderDolly Moving Straps are the proven way to move big, heavy and bulky items safely, easily and more efficiently over terrain where traditional wheeled moving dollies just can’t go. Move heavy furniture and appliances faster, keeping your arms free when you need them and preventing damage to property while moving.

ShoulderDolly | shoulderdolly.com

Work Socks

The Steely Micro Crew Midweight Work Sock features a performance fit and a cushioned toe box designed to integrate with steel toe boots and deliver extra comfort and warmth. Photo Courtesy of Darn Tough.

Darn Tough Vermont | darntough.com


Tie Down Pouch

The Ratchet Wrangler is a simple organizer for ratchet straps. Coming in packs of three, the pouch features an open top for easy access. Photo Courtesy of Ratchet Wrangler.

Ratchet Wrangler | ratchetwrangler.com


Furniture Polish

This furniture polish is a fine museum-quality polish crafted from an old family recipe from England. This beeswax polish is made with the addition of a little organic carnauba wax to harden the shine and deodorize the mineral spirit solvent, which contains no aromatic hydrocarbons. It’s safe, easy to use and gives a delightful shine on wood, stone, marble and concrete.

Claphams | claphams.com

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