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Hedge Trimming

Hedge Trimming Made Simple

Winter has transformed to spring in most areas of North America. With this change comes a whole new area to adventure back into: the backyard. And after a few months of winter weather, customers will need top-of-the-line products to get their backyards under control. One thing to customers can invest in cordless, battery-powered hedge trimmers. These tools can help quickly and efficiently reclaim a backyard in no time.

The cordless, 22-inch, 25-volt max hedge trimmer from Black & Decker offers customers a strong piece of equipment with a sturdy grip and is lightweight which helps users cut tall hedges or low-hanging tree branches. This ease of access and maneuverability helps the hedge trimmer work well for customers who are looking for one tool to do almost everything.

Stronger than the previous hedge trimmer at 40 volts is the Litheli 22-inch Cordless Hedge Trimmer. This tool comes with a five-year manufacturer’s warranty on the trimmer as well as a three-year manufacturer’s warranty on the portable electronic battery charger, which comes with the hedge trimmer along with a battery pack as a complete package. 

Makita also offers a 22-inch, 18-volt Lithium-Ion cordless hedge trimmer. This is the fastest hedge trimmer at 2,700 SPM, or strokes per minutes, for quick cutting speed. It’s also lightweight with an ergonomic design, making it easier for customers to handle and maneuver to accomplish whichever task they are focused on.

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