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Dog Treats

Healthy Treats For Your Furry Best Friend

Keeping man’s best friend happy and healthy leads to a longer life for them. Set your operation apart by offering healthy dog treat options for various opportunities to boost a dog’s health and comfort. Read more to discover why you should offer healthy treat options. 

Treats for Anxiety
Dogs experience anxiety just as people do. Holidays with fireworks and large thunderstorms can cause a large amount of stress for dogs. Offer treats designed to combat anxiety, such as Honest Paws Calm Soft Chews that are made with all-natural and dog-friendly ingredients, and display them before large holidays to bring attention to customers. Good Good Calming Dog Treats is another healthy option for dogs that is formulated by veterinarians and backed by science. 

Dental Care Treats
Dogs need to have their teeth cleaned, just like humans, but it’s a long process for a simple cleaning. Offer dental care treats to customers for their dog’s dental care and reduce bad breath. Greenies Original Dental Treats have a positive reputation among veterinarians and dog owners alike, making it a great option for your operation to sell. For those on a budget or looking for more bang for their buck, Pedigree DENTASTIX, are also also backed by veterinarians.

Treats for Training
Training treats for puppies provide positive reinforcement during the training process. These treats are smaller than regular treats and come in large quantity bags. Pet Botanics offers affordable training treats–their bags come with up to 500 treats. Red Barn Protein Puffs also come in large quantities, have a short list of ingredients and offer health benefits like protein.  

Joint Care Treats
Dogs experience joint pain and aches like humans as they grow older, so consider also stocking treats that help with their joint mobility and keep them active and healthy. Pawfy treats have been proven to help with hip and joint pain and stiffness in dogs and is backed by veterinarians as one of the best products on the market. Zesty Paws are hip and joint pain supplements that can be given to your companion every day to help ease their pain.

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