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New Resource: Shop-Local Halloween Signage

Your business’ local economic impact is significant, so remind your customers whenever you can that shopping at your store matters to your community.

The North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) and Independent We Stand, two organizations that exist to support independent businesses, are offering new, free Halloween marketing materials to promote the benefits of shopping at your business.

The materials highlight data from the Home Sweet Home Study, which the two organizations commissioned to take an in-depth look at the key economic benefits independent home improvement retailers provide their communities.

NRHA and Independent We Stand have been creating free seasonal marketing materials to promote the study results, which show that about twice as much money spent at a locally owned home improvement store stays in a community compared to money spent at a big-box store. The Halloween marketing materials offer fun, creative ways to promote that fact this month.

Marketing Materials

  1. Press Release: Customize this prewritten press release with your store’s information and then send it to local media.
  2. Social Media: Post these images and prewritten social media posts to Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Posters: Print these at your store or at a local print shop to display in store windows or at the register.
  4. Shelf Talkers: Print these shelf talkers at your store or at a local print shop. Place them on shelves throughout your store, calling attention to the impact your store makes on the local community.
  5. Bag Stuffers: Print these at your store or at a local print shop and place them in your customers’ bags, reminding shoppers of the impact their purchases made. Add your logo in the white space at the bottom of the bag stuffers.

The marketing package zip file can be downloaded by filling out the form below.  The zip file is organized by marketing element. If you have any questions, please contact Kate Klein at kklein@nrha.org.

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