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Four Tips for Merchandising Wild Bird Feed and Feeders

Spring migration is one of the best times of year for bird watching as birds display brighter coloring for nesting season.

After a record-breaking cold winter that skyrocketed wild bird feed sales nationwide awareness of this popular outdoor activity and its importance is even more heightened. This creates an incredible opportunity for hardware stores to continue generating increased revenue within this category.

Demand for wild bird feeding products is driven by customers who want to support wildlife with high-quality, safe and natural feed to supplement what nature often lacks. Simply merchandise your wild bird feed and feeder products well this season to get in front of customers and drive sales.

Below are the top tips for merchandising wild bird feed and feeders:

  • Include educational material
  • Cross-reference feed charts with types of feeders
  • Cross-reference types of birds customers want to feed to the best package of feed to use
  • Highlight seasonal best-sellers


About Ed Mills

Ed Mills is president and co-founder of Global Harvest Foods Ltd., a wild bird food and small critter/pet food manufacturer founded in 1982. Email him at emills@ghfoods.com.

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