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Fall Product Preview: Get Ready to Launch

The events of 2020 have disrupted every part of life, but manufacturers haven’t let these challenges keep them from working on new innovations. As an independent retailer, you’ve had to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions this year, including the transition to virtual wholesaler markets. Consumers also have adjusted their buying habits as they try to find a new normal. Keeping up with new products is important, and now is the time to plan for the upcoming fall and winter selling season.

Hardware Retailing is bringing some of the latest product updates to independent retailers in its Fall Product Preview. This section will offer examples of this year’s latest offerings from trusted manufacturers across the home improvement industry. These products can give your businesses the boost they need to continue strong spring and summer sales into the second half of 2020.

Learn how the show can help independent retailers prepare for the coming year by visiting nationalhardwareshow.com. You can keep up with new product releases throughout the year by subscribing to the Hot Products Hub newsletter at TheRedT.com/subscribe.

Ratchet Binder
Ancra Cargo’s EZ Binder 6600 is as fast as traditional lever binders, while being as easy to use as a ratchet binder. The solid steel construction and grade 120 take-up chain gives it a 6,600 lb. working load, which matches up to 3/7-inch G70 transport chain. Utilizing a traditional web ratchet mechanism and 12 inches of chain take-up, the EZ Binder 6600 can save as much as 2 minutes per chain per use.
Ancra Cargo
ancracargo.com or 800-233-5138

Paint Poncho
Allway Paint Ponchos provide a convenient way to protect brushes and rollers when painters need a break. The reusable or disposable ponchos are made of eco-friendly EVA plastic and fit multiple brush and roller sizes. The trapezoid shape provides a wide opening for easy placement of painting tools and the elastic cord locking system helps protect tools up to a week, eliminating the need to clean them while on a break.
Allway Tools
allwaytools.com or 718-792-3636 

Sump Pump
Superior Pump pumps are 100 percent factory tested. They’re constructed with solid copper motor windings, heavy duty stainless steel jacketed shaft seals, double O-ring seals on the motor plate and electronically controlled split capacitors. Superior Pump model 92571, a ½ HP submersible sump pump with vertical float switch, will move water up to 4,500 gallons per hour. This pump is UL/CU listed and CSA certified and backed by a 3-year warranty.
Superior Pump
superiorpump.com or 800-495-9278

Work Light
COAST’s family of portable Work Lights combines the best of their world-class beam-shaping technology with practical hands-free positioning features. Patented focusing systems provide an entire range of beams—clean flood lights, sharp spot beams and hybrid beams—with multimode versatility so users can match light intensity to their needs in the moment. Options include adjustable stands, magnetic bases, rotating optics, alkaline power, dual power and more.
Coast Products
coastportland.com or 800-426-5858 

Duct Tape
Iron Grip Duct Tape is a 17 mil premium polyethylene coated cloth tape with a pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive that adheres to a variety of surfaces under a wide range of temperature conditions. The 10-yard roll offers high adhesion and an easy unwind in a convenient shorter roll size.
Intertape Polymer Group
itape.com or 888-898-7834 

Fabric Adhesive
Tear Mender is a nontoxic adhesive that forms a permanent, yet flexible bond to materials it can penetrate such as fabric, leather and vinyl. Bonds are usable and wearable within 3 minutes and washable in 15 minutes, making this product a quick fix for immediate fabric repairs. Tear Mender is ideally suited for repairs on clothing, leather, upholstery, home decor, sport and marine gear and more.
Lighthouse for the Blind

Work Glove
The Iron Clad Impact Trigger Glove is part of Iron Clad’s fully touchscreen compatible Command Series™. It protects workers’ hands while doing construction and handling screws and nails. It features full back-of-hand impact protection; a mesh-vented back-of-hand flex panel; vibration-reducing, reinforced padded palm; and exposed fingertips on thumb, index and middle finger.
Iron Clad
ironclad.com or 844-200-5664 

Misting Sprayer
The Sani-Mister provides complete coverage of floors,walls, tables and equipment to sanitize and disinfectsurfaces of bacteria, viruses, fungus and spores.It includes a rinsing valve, misting nozzle, 4-gallonsolution tank and a 50-foot nonmarking spray hose.Designed for use with any liquid disinfectant. Operatein well-ventilated areas while wearing protective gear.
Great Northern Equipment
gnedi.com or 800-822-0295

Adhesive Sealant
Red Devil®’s Clear High Performance Adhesive is a solvent-based sealant that offers excellent adhesion with a superior bond to virtually all surfaces, even in below-grade or below-freezing conditions. This sealant will not yellow and is consistently clearer than silicone. Another option is the RD 3000™ All-Purpose Sealant. This hybrid polymer sealant is low-VOC and water-resistant in 2 hours. Its advanced MaxFlex™ Technology allows it to withstand joint movements by adhering to multiple surface applications in all weather conditions.
Red Devil
reddevil.com or 800-423-3845

Police Security® Flashlights have reinvented the headlamp category with its patent-pending new series, MORF™ Removables. On the MORF R230 model, the 230 lumen headlamp, when attached, allows the user to work hands-free. When the headlamp is detached, it becomes a handheld rechargeable flashlight or magnetic work light, leaving a secondary light in the headlamp base. The MORF R230 model is both drop-proof and waterproof and is backed by Police Security’s limited lifetime warranty. This lighting system is suitable for electricians, plumbers, HVAC professionals and the home improvement enthusiast.
Police Security
policesecurity.com or customerservice@policesecurity.com

Inventory Management Software
Paladin Data Corp. simplifies retail operations for hardware and LBM industries by automating business processes including ordering, advertising, in-store marketing, customer management, mobile and delivery, e-commerce and back-office operations. Paladin’s proprietary Market Driven Inventory Management and hundreds of supplier and business integrations combine to provide a single touchpoint to grow all aspects of a business.
Paladin Data Corp.

Battery-Powered Blower
The BGA 57 delivers STIHL performance combined with great control and comfortable operation. This blower puts out 103 mph of average air velocity (123 mph maximum air velocity) combined with 365 CFM for effective clearing of leaves and other yard debris. Weighing just 7.8 lbs (with AK 20 battery), the BGA 57 is compact and portable. A slim design and even weight distribution allow the blower to be held close to the user’s body, keeping fatigue to a minimum while maximizing maneuverability. The BGA 57 is an ideal choice for homeowners to care for their yard, deck, sidewalks, driveway and more.
stihlusa.com or 1-800-467-8445 

Hard Shell Knee Pads
Major Steelz knee pads are designed to accommodate and service workers’ safety. With a hard outer shell providing antislip resistance and elastic straps with hook-and-loop closures, they’re comfortable and easy to wear while kneeling for a long time in any construction job site.
Major Steelz
majorsteelz.com or 305-244-5260

Automatic Center Punch CatsPaw™
Automatic Center Punch from Mayhew Tools delivers an automatic spring-driven punch without the need for a hammer. When pressed against the workpiece, it stores energy in a spring and releases it as an impulse that drives the punch. It’s ideal for creating a starting point on workpieces to prevent drill bits or screws from wandering.
Mayhew Tools
mayhew.com or 800-872-0037

Gap Fill Foam
Soudafoam Gap Fill is a one-component, moisture-curing polyurethane foam.
The patented Genius Gun system makes application simple and keeps the foam reusable for up to 6 weeks. It expands up to three times its original size during curing, making it invaluable for larger gaps and cracks or cavities that are difficult to reach. It is a versatile insulator, effective at both thermal and acoustical insulation, and adheres well to almost all building materials and it contains no CFC propellants. It is also available in door and window minimal expansion formula.
soudalusa.com or 877-873-8739

Pressure Washer Mister Combination
The electric combination 1400 PSI cold water pressure washer and 350 PSI low pressure dispensing mister comes in either a hand carry or portable model. Use it for all-purpose cleaning around the home or small business and, in mister mode, use it to put disinfectant right where it’s needed. Safe to use indoor or out, each unit includes everything needed for pressure washing or disinfecting.
mitm.com or 800-553-9053

Rust Preventative
Rust Patrol® is a rust preventative, lubricant, penetrant and moisture displacer. Active at the molecular level, Rust Patrol works quicker, lasts longer and uses less product than similar products.
Rust Patrol
rust-patrol.com or 803-396-8400

Concrete Repair Compound
Quikrete’s Polymer Modified Structural Repair is ideal for repairing broken edges and corners on concrete steps and curbs, spalling or broken slabs and concrete and masonry walls without the need for forms. Polymer Modified Structural Repair is a rapid hardening, high strength, shrinkage-compensated repair material formulated with special polymer resins to provide superior bond strength and allowing the mater
ial to be molded, sculpted and shaped to match the contour of the surrounding concrete without sagging. Quikrete
quikrete.com or 800-282-5828

Mobile Workbench
The CSPS 56-inch 10-Drawer Electric Height Adjustable Mobile Workbench allows workers to adjust the height of the solid wooden work surface according to their needs. This rolling tool cabinet is made of 19-gauge steel with industrial-grade powder coating. The 100 pound load, soft-close ball bearing drawer slides gently to keep the drawers from accidentally opening or slamming shut. Six outlets and two USB ports are built in for charging power tools.
csps.tw or 886-5-551-0777

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