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Take it Outside: Essential Porch Decor Items to Stock

For many homeowners, their porch is a way to show their personality outside, give their neighbors a glimpse into their house and provide outside living space. According to data compiled by the International Casual Furnishing Association (IFCA) in 2021, more than 90% of Americans say an outdoor living space is more valuable than ever, so we’ve compiled a list of the four essential porch decor items to keep stocked in your store. 


Whether customers like to sit on their porches and watch the sunrise or sunset or wait for their kids to get off the bus from school, some form of seating is essential. Adirondack chairs may be one of the most popular types of seating on porches. These Adirondack chairs from Polywood have a sturdy build with a deep seat and come in a variety of colors. Porch swings are another popular option, such as this recycled plastic porch swing from The Porch Swing Company.


Now that your customers have a place to sit, having a place to set their coffee or other items is another important piece of furniture for a deck. This DuraWeather round end table comes in multiple colors, is made of 95% premium high-density polyethylene and has stainless steel hardware, making it rust-resistant. Adding a small table in between seating is an easy way to connect your seating, such as this table from Superior Seating.


While the outside of your customers’ houses may have lighting installed already, adding extra lighting can make their porch homier. If you’ve browsed TikTok in the past year, you’ve most likely seen homeowners choosing Edison bulbs for their outdoor lighting of choice. These vintage patio lights from Lee Display feature over 5,000 hours of light, 100% glass bulbs and the ability to choose the distance between lights.

Pop of Color

Contrasting colors on the exterior of the home combined with a pop of color with furniture or other accessories is a great way to bring attention to the porch. Adding a cushion or pillow to the seating is an easy to add a pop of color. This coastal indoor/outdoor pillow from Hofdeco Pillows offers enough padding for lumbar support while adding a pop of yellow to your porch decor. 

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