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Cedar Adds Personality to Texas Store

Shortly after Keith and Marsha Crow purchased their store, Camp Wood Hardware and Lumber
in Camp Wood, Texas, in 2012, they started a complete
remodel. Their to-do list included updating assortments and cleaning up the interior—fairly typical for anyone remodeling a building. The finishing touch was the creative ways Marsha and their general manager, Dan Cox, dressed up the store.

Using carpentry skills, Dan and Marsha began brainstorming ideas for using cedar wood to add personality to the store. Their first project was a display for a local vendor selling their pottery items in the store. Then the pair redesigned the outdoor garden area with cedar fencing and a large arbor. Soon, they had created custom department signage, endcaps, a service counter and an extensive bird feeder display.

In a town known for the abundance of cedar in the area and the industry that sprung up around it, the cedar motif throughout the store is a nod to local history.

“We wanted to make a place where people would be comfortable shopping,” Keith says. “Dan and Marsha have been a strong team to helped create a personality for the store, making it a more attractive place to shop.”

Click through the gallery below to see more photos from Camp Wood Hardware and Lumber.

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