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Be Prepared: Must-Have Products for a Dry Basement

Walking down the basement steps and stepping into water is one of the worst feelings for a homeowner. While there’s no 100 percent foolproof safeguard against a wet basement, fortunately there are products available that can give basements and crawl spaces a good chance of staying dry. 

The Wayne Basement Guardian is an effective first line of defense against water with two submersible sump pumps, including a backup pump that runs on DC power. For customers who already have a sump pump installed, the Basement Watchdog Emergency Pump is a backup pump that runs on AC or battery power, comes with two floaters for additional protection and connects to a monitoring system for around-the-clock protection. The BURCAM Water Watcher alert system is another option for monitoring, connecting to any smartphone and alerting homeowners when a sump pump has failed or water is detected in an area. 

Regular maintenance, such as repairing basement wall cracks and removing moisture from the air, is also key to a dry basement. The RadonSeal Foundation Concrete Crack Repair Kit comes with everything a homeowner needs to seal and fill cracks in basement walls and foundations. The Perfect Aire 8-Pint Compact Dehumidifier is a lightweight and compact option for smaller basements, while the Eva-Dry EDV-2200 Mid Size Dehumidifier covers 2,200 cubic feet of space and is portable to move from space to space. 

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