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Multi-use space

Apart Together: Products for Multi-Use Spaces

In 2020, the need arose to incorporate activities traditionally conducted elsewhere (like school and work) into the home environment. One of the main difficulties faced by consumers was how to organize areas for function while maintaining that homey feel. Having constant reminders of the “new normal” stacked up on the kitchen table or spread out on the living room couch can put a strain on nerves and relationships. But this is where retailers can step in; by offering a variety of storage and organizational products, as well as ideas on how to make the best use of those products. Below are several products that can help make shared spaces feel less cramped and more organized:

Storage Cube Room Dividers: Many times these cube-style bookcases, like the 9-Cube Organizer from ClosetMaid® are pushed against the wall, however moving them perpendicular to the wall can create a separate space within a room. Suggest using baskets or bins in some openings to store office or school items, while leaving other cubes open for displaying framed photos or collectibles, and to allow light to filter through the space.

Rolling Storage and File Carts: Keeping supplies together and at hand makes working in the home space more efficient, but at the end of the day, having all of those items sitting out isn’t always appealing for home décor. With rolling file storage, like those by Honey-Can-Do, users can store files and supplies then easily roll the unit into another room, or into a closet, to be out of sight until needed again.

Tool Caddies: Like rolling storage, tool caddies can keep supplies such as pens, pencils, paints and other small items, in one convenient location. Caddies can easily be placed in a cabinet or an out-of-the-way space in order to clear tables and countertops for other use. 

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