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5 Social Media Marketing Myths to Bust in 2021

While many retailers were already successfully using social media as part of their marketing strategy, the COVID-19 pandemic shed new light on the importance of having an online presence for any retailer, no matter the industry. 

Shoppers are using social media and they’re using it frequently. In 2020, the world population was around 7.8 billion people, and almost half of those people were on social media. Statista found that 3.6 billion people used social media in 2020 and that number is expected to jump to over 4.5 billion by 2025. 

To reach your audience effectively, you need to separate fact from fiction when crafting a social media strategy. According to a recent article from online marketing platform Hubspot, there are many social media myths marketers should overcome in 2021 to run a successful campaign. Here’s a closer look at five of the myths to bust as you develop your social media presence. 

1). MYTH: I should have business accounts on every social media channel.

While there’s no harm in searching for as many ways to reach shoppers as possible, more than likely you can narrow your focus to one or two prominent platforms depending on your audience. Stick to maintaining accounts on the platforms where your core audience participates the most and don’t waste time trying to keep up with the others. 

2). MYTH: Social media takes up a huge chunk of time.

The idea of coming up with content and posting on social media every day can be daunting, especially when it’s only one part of everything a home improvement retailer has to do in a day. While you do have to put in the time and effort to be successful on social media, it doesn’t have to consume your every waking moment. Take advantage of social media management, scheduling and monitoring programs to stay on top of all your channels.  

3). MYTH: Social media marketing doesn’t lead to sales. 

Posting about your business on social media increases your exposure to current and potential customers, which leads to more customers in the door. If you have an e-commerce site, leading your social media followers directly to it can increase sales. According to Hubspot, 54 percent of people browsing online use social media to research products and businesses before making a purchase. 

4). MYTH: Stick to promoting products only.

You’re promoting your business as a brand but behind that business are people—your social media content should reflect that. Show your audience that real humans work at your company and don’t be afraid to share content that may not directly relate to your business, but does highlight the hard work, creativity and expertise of your team. Just make sure content isn’t inappropriate, potentially controversial or reveals too many personal details. 

5). MYTH: Your business doesn’t have enough to post about on social media. 

Hubspot found that on average, most businesses post three to four times a week. When you mix company and product-focused content with relatable, human-focused posts, you should have plenty of content. You should also include evergreen content that you can repost down the road, like seasonal tips on melting snow, planting flowers or clearing leaves. 

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