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Last Word - November 2021

5 Quick Questions With the 2021 Top Guns

Q: How do you spend your free weekends?
Mike Brackin (MB): Golf or taking our boat out to Lake Powell in Utah.
Ian McNaughton (IM): We are blessed with four kids ages 16 ½ to 9, and we also raise cattle on our farm. If there is a free weekend, it’s spent at the hockey rink or at a cow show.
Greg Templeman (GT): At home working and playing in my yard with my family.

Q: Who was your favorite teacher you ever had and why?
MB: Probably MaryLou Taylor, my third grade teacher. She believed in me.
IM: Jeff Norbury, the man who hired me into Mitel. He taught me about ethics, how to manage people and how to treat people, which helps me every day in my stores.
GT: Dr. Allen Sens, my political science professor. He introduced me to the complexity of international relations.

Q: What’s one word your friends use to describe you?
MB: Generous.
IM: I sent an email to my friends and I was really humbled by their answers. They said: loyal, committed, integrity, sincere, ambitious and confident.
GT: Two words: loud laughter.

Q: What’s one thing you need on a deserted island?
MB: My wife. For 29 years, she’s made me laugh like crazy. Plus, she keeps me healthy.
IM: A helicopter. Or good craft beer and my family and friends.
GT: Fresh water.

Q: If you weren’t in hardware, what would you be doing?
MB: The one thing I wish I could do would be importing products from overseas. Learning that game would have been fun.
IM: I would be part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force or a teacher. I really like the opportunity to teach and coach.
GT: Teaching history.

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