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5 In-Store Marketing Strategies

From radio advertisements to social media posts, you do all you can to market your business and brand to bring new customers in the store and keep current customers coming back. Once you have them in your store, your marketing strategies shouldn’t stop there but should continue engaging customers and encouraging sales.

Customer engagement specialist Spectrio shared in-store marketing strategies retailers can implement to improve in-store experiences and boost sales. Here are our top five strategies to keep your brand in front of customers, engage with them and ultimately, increase sales. 

Offer free Wi-Fi.

While it may seem like a small gesture, offering free Wi-Fi shows customers you are willing to provide something extra for their shopping experience. Providing free Wi-Fi gives customers the ability to search for project ideas while in the store, which could lead to add-on sales. Free Wi-Fi is also an easy way to capture contact information for your store’s customer database. 

Use signage wisely. 

Your store’s signage can do more than just tell customers where to find certain items, it can be a way to encourage add-on or impulse sales. Use signage to promote a current sale or show customers what add-on items might go with another item. For example, you could include a sign in the power tools department that tells customers what accessories go with that power tool and where they can find those accessories in the store. 

Add experiences. 

Even little gestures, like offering coloring pages for kids or free popcorn for all shoppers, can turn a typical shopping trip into an experience. Providing these types of experiences also leads to additional opportunities to share your brand. You could include your logo or business info on the coloring sheet or popcorn bag or include a way for customers to share their email address.

Host in-store events. 

The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to ideas for in-store events for home improvement retailers. From product demonstrations to food tastings, in-store events bring people into the store and provide opportunities to show customers what your store offers for products and services. This in-store marketing strategy is also an easy way to share your brand.  

Use audio messages. 

If you already play background music in your store, consider adding marketing messages to the audio to promote current or upcoming sales, new products and other information you’d like your customers to know. Be sure that any music or messaging you play fits with your mission and brand; if you consider yourself a family-friendly place to shop, don’t play music with explicit lyrics. 

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