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4 Kitchen Design Trends for 2024

Houzz, an online design forum, released its 2024 U.S. Kitchen Trend Study after surveying over 3,400 homeowners on their recent or planned kitchen renovations.

The trends Houzz see coming this year range from using nontraditional colors to high-tech appliances to expanding on what a traditional kitchen looks like. Here are four takeaways from the trends study.

Bigger Islands

According to the study, 42% of homeowners have opted for islands seven feet or longer, which was a 10% increase from 2020. Smaller islands have been losing popularity, which reflects the usage of islands for entertaining and socializing purposes.

Cabinetry Color

While white has continuously been the color of choice over the years, both natural wood colors and green have increased in popularity. Despite a slight dip in popularity as a primary cabinet color, blue remains a top pick for island cabinets that are a different color from the main cabinets.

High-Tech Appliances

More homeowners (54%) prefer to replace all appliances during a renovation rather than just a few. Homeowners are increasingly opting for appliances with high-tech capabilities, showing a 5-point increase. 30% of homeowners now choose appliances with Wi-Fi connectivity and some prefer those controllable via smartphones and tablets, both figures rising by 5%. Interest in features like touch-screen displays, smart-home connectivity and built-in apps and cameras has also grown compared to last year.

Longevity in Mind

Among renovating homeowners who are addressing special needs in the kitchen, the most common reason for renovating is to accommodate aging household members’ future and current needs. Functional elements incorporated for this purpose include pullout cabinets, extra lighting and wide drawer pulls. Safety features are also a priority, including nonslip flooring and rounded countertops.

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