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2020 Retailers' Choice Awards

2020 Retailers’ Choice Awards

Retailers' Choice Awards logoRecognizing Innovation Virtually
For the past 54 years, the Retailers’ Choice Awards has honored manufacturers for their innovation. The awards are presented by the North American Hardware and Paint Association and rely on the opinions of actual retailers who know what their peers need in a product to attract customers. The panel’s judges, all independent home improvement retailers, selected products they felt were unique, interesting and held great promise from the product presentations and webinars at the National Hardware Virtual Show. This year’s judges were: Ted McDonald, Boltz Hardware; Jackie Sacks, Round Top Mercantile Co.; Franklin Cloninger, Triangle True Value and Rental; and Cody Goeppner, Bleyhl Co-Op.

Liquid SoapPure-Castile Liquid Soap
Dr. Bronner’s classic 18-in-1 Castile soap formula is simple and ecological, based on Old World quality and expertise. The combination of organic extra virgin coconut, jojoba and hemp oils, together with pure essential oils, creates a unique soap that cleans effectively without being abrasive. Plant-derived vitamin E and citric acid protect freshness. It’s available in eight fragrances.

drbronner.com or 844-937-2551

Dual Door CabinetDual-Door Cabinet
Designed to make organization simple in garages, workshops and other areas of the home, the Armadillo Two-Door Cabinet assembles in minutes and lasts a lifetime, providing organized storage. It is built with heavy-duty 21-gauge steel and the scratch- and stain-resistant powder-coat paint finish protects the cabinets from everyday heavy use. Adjustable steel shelves provide the flexibility to store items of all sizes. Fully lockable doors with visual lock-unlock indicators keeps gear safe.

armadillotough.com or 888-350-7306

Cleaning WipesCleaning Wipes
RIDOF Wipes effectively remove all kinds of industrial grease and grime, such as silicone, oil, tar, paint, adhesive, sealant and more. These wipes contain none of the substances from EU REACH SVHC Candidate List, CA65 List or any VOCs that are commonly used for industrial cleaning. They are safe to use on human skin, tools, machines and most surfaces.

donzee.com or info@donzee.com

Air CanditionerPersonal Cooling Device and Can Koozie
AirCanditioner is the first handheld air conditioner that is also a drink koozie. A powerful fan moves air through AirCanditioner’s spiral air channel, making thermal contact with the pre-frozen cold core before it exits the device through the ergonomically designed opening. Patented and well-tested, AirCanditioner is currently seeking a licensing partnership to bring the product to market.

aircanditioner.com or team@aircanditioner.com

chicken coopChicken Coop
Made in the U.S. by Amish trained craftsmen, the Large OverEZ Chicken Coop is constructed out of heavy-duty wood. Whether you live in the south with high humidity and heat or in the north with subfreezing temperatures and snow, it can be used in cold and hot  climates. This coop assembles in less than 30 minutes with only a screw gun.

overezchickencoop.com OR 855-333-3041

ag matAgricultural Mat
Rubber King’s Agriculture Mats are non-vulcanized and are manufactured without the use of oils, solvents or other ozone-depleting materials. Certified for the highest levels of indoor air quality, these 100 percent recycled rubber mats offer superior traction (slip resistance), comfort and safety for your animals and come with a five-year warranty. They are precision cut, easy to clean and great for surfaces around the home and farm. This product is manufactured in North America.

dinoflex.com or 877-713-1899

folding workbenchFolding Portable Workbench
The SmartFold® portable workbench features an industrial-strength steel frame with locking casters, large working surface and a place to store tools. It folds in seconds, making it easy to store. Available in three different top options including butcher block, food-grade type 304 Stainless Steel or MDF.

coscoproducts.com or 800-628-8321

Adjustable Bungee StrapAdjustable Bungee Strap
The 36 inch Adjust-A-Strap is a universal bungee strap made from Flexa-Pure® and contains no rubber or latex. This bungee features two integrated nylon glass reinforced hooks. The hooks are non-marring and won’t scratch or gouge paint and surfaces. The cord features six reinforced, evenly spaced, pre-molded holes which allow for quick and easy adjustments and also enable users to adjust or add tension on their gear. They are made in the US and are available in black, blue, red, safety orange or olive green.

theperfectbungee.com or 908-329-9136

Firewood SplitterFirewood Splitter
Easily and safely split logs into firewood and kindling with the Kindle Quick log splitter. With only light force and a mallet, the Kindle Quick splits logs up to 8 inches in diameter and features an extra tall base to prevent jamming. Made of all-weather coated cast steel, the Kindle Quick can be used anywhere and anytime and comes with carrying handles and pre-drilled bolt holes for optional mounting.

kabintool.com or hello@kabintool.com

mouse trapMultiple Catch Mousetrap
The Kness Ketch-All® is a live-capture mousetrap that operates without the use of harmful chemicals and requires no bait, making it safe to use around children and pets. It is efficient, often capturing several mice in one setting, and automatically resets after every catch.

kness.com or 800-247-5062

Fertilizer KitFertilizer Kits
Dr. Earth Liquid fertilizer kits provide a three-step system for growing success. Each kit comes with a fertilizer for three stages of growth as well as a feeding schedule. Each fertilizer is 100 percent organic, contains no synthetic ingredients or GMOs and is made sustainably.

drearth.com or 707-448-4676

Floating PadFloating Foam Pad
The Aqua Lily Pad is a floating foam island that allows users to hang out, lounge or participate in water activities like skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, paddleboarding and even fishing. Pads are made in the U.S. with cross-linked polyethylene foam designed for maximum durability. They are easily portable and require little to no maintenance.

aqualilypad.com or 888-415-5677

Masking FilmPre-Taped Masking Film
Trimaco’s Easy Mask® Tape & Drape Pre-taped Masking Film is for use in areas where painters want to catch drips and overspray. Tape is applied along one edge of high-density masking film. This film has a unique coating which helps create cling to the surface protected, even in windy conditions or with spray applicators.

trimaco.com or 833-655-2215

The MitigatorProperty Maintenance Tool
The Mitagator™ Fire Mitigation Tool is more powerful than a rake, pitchfork or McLeod and clears ground fuels down to the dirt. It removes 80 to 90 percent of needles, leaves, twigs and other fine ground debris, but it’s strong enough to quickly pile and move large
branches, too. The Mitagator aerates the soil as it clears debris and can remove small rocks from garden beds without damaging living plants.

themitagator.com or 720-336-9698

Rafter Fastening SystemRafter Fastening System
Quik Stik™ Rafter and Truss Fastening System provides contractors with a versatile solution that makes fastening rafter and truss connections fast, safe and easy. Designed to work with Strong-Drive® SDWC Truss screws for a safe, reliable solution from the leader in structural fastening. Quik Stik drives screws overhead from a standing position without the use of ladders.

strongtie.com or 800-999-5099

telescoping stoolPortable Telescoping Stool
Ecboo’s portable telescoping stool is adjustable from 2.4 to 18 inches in height. It is lightweight and compact enough to place into luggage. The adjustable strap makes it easy to carry by hand or hang over a shoulder. It is constructed of heavy-duty ABS plastic and has a maximum load of 350 pounds. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including activities such as camping, fishing, hunting, hiking, gardening, and can be used on public transportation or at outdoor events.

ecboo.com or sales@ecboo.com

solar base campSolar Charger
SolarCamp’s Base Camp Off-Grid Solar Charger features thin film (CIGS) waterproof panels for outdoor protection and an extended charging cable. It supports fast charging technology and is thin and lightweight, convenient for long term use outdoors. The bendable, flexible thin film solar cells are shock resistant and shatterproof and contain no glass or metal frames. The charger is foldable for easy storage.

solarcamp-usa.com or 858-361-5032

Folding Solar PanelsPortable Folding Solar Panels
SolarCamp’s Solympic Hue is lightweight and portable, half the size of other solar charges. It weighs only 10 ounces and folds to 8.9 x 5.8 inches. It uses thin film (CIGS) cells that are 100 percent flexible. The bright colors offer great visibility so the charger doesn’t get
misplaced in natural wooded or desert settings and can be used to signal for help if necessary. They are waterproof, shatterproof, shock-resistant and childproof.

solarcamp-usa.com or 858-361-5032

Tool HolsterTool Holster
The Spider Tool Holster clips on to any regular belt or tool belt and allows freedom of movement while keeping tools in place. Its nylon composite and high tensile strength construction stand up to rough, everyday use. The adhesive tool tab locks securely into the holster without rotating and works on all devices.

spidertoolholster.com or toolholster@spidertoolholster.com

Tidy HookAutomobile Seat Hook
Tidy Hook Auto helps keep vehicles free of trash and clutter. It attaches to headrest supports, making the trash bags accessible to everyone in the vehicle. The bags are made of durable, heavy-duty plastic and are leakproof and tear resistant. It keeps trash contained and can keep trash from flying out of convertibles.

tidyhook.com or chris@tidyhook.com

angle surface bracketAngle Surface Bracket
The Angle Surface Bracket fits the majority of walls and is designed to increase available storage. It has 25 different adjustment options and can fit most sloped wall angles. It is tested to support up to 125 pounds, made from heavy-duty steel to prevent bending or warping and coated with an electrostatic spray to maintain its white finish. Angle Surface Bracket is designed in Massachusetts by Warren Ignacio, a local contractor with over 35 years of experience.

anglesurfacebracket.com or 603-496-5228

biometric lighterBiometric Lighter
The Biometric Fingerprint Lighter is the only childproof lighter in the world, secured by a user’s unique fingerprint. It features an electronic ignition, magnetic closure, adjustable flame and a refueling port for butane gas. It is rechargeable with the included micro USB cable and has a soft touch matte finish that resists marks, scratches and fingerprints. The heavy-duty metal case is crush resistant.

gibsonwholesale.com or 815-516-8555

aquatic yoga matAquatic Yoga Mat
Soltice Watersports SolFit Aquatic Yoga Fitness Mat features a tract pad for comfort and a rigid, high-pressure drop-stitch construction. Attached are five reinforced neoprene handles for easy transport and resistance band attachment points. It has an FCS fin box and fin for increased control when paddling and a GoPro mount located on the front center of the mat. It includes a carry bag, FCS-style fin, high-pressure pump and a repair kit.


linkable shop lightLinkable Shop Light
The Koda™ Linkable Shop Light with Motion Sensor and Remote is a smart shop light solution for any personal or work space. Up to six  shop lights can be connected to a single power source. Lights feature advanced motion sensing technology, an energy-efficient LED which offers 4600 lumens, customizable settings with an included remote control and multiple installation methods.

kodabuilt.com or 866-294-9244

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