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2014 Cost of Doing Business Study

The NRHA’s Annual Cost of Doing Business Study is now available to members. This annual study provides detailed financial information from hardware stores, home centers and lumber/building material outlets. The tables contained in this report are designed to provide comprehensive, yet straightforward guidelines for analyzing the profitability of your hardware store, home center or lumber/building material outlet. Included with the CODB are several financial calculators that allow you to plug your numbers into the report format to see what kind of impact even minor changes can have on your business.

The Cost of Doing Business Study is free for download for NRHA members through the member portal on www.nrha.org. Not a Member? Click here to join.

How to Use this Interactive CODB

1. Under “Analyze Your Own Business Performance,” choose whether you are a hardware store, home center or lumber/building material dealer.

2. Complete the income statement and balance sheet with your own company’s numbers. This interactive form will automatically calculate the necessary percentages and ratios for comparative purposes.

3. Explore the effects on your bottom line by varying the values on the statements.

4. Compare your performance with industry standard financial performance ratios that are provided. A detailed explanation of each ratio is provided, including how the ratio is derived and targets to achieve.

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About Sara Logel

As NRHA’s market research analyst, Sara conducts organic research and stays abreast of industry trends to help hardware retailers better run their business. Sara also contributes to editorial content in Hardware Retailing magazine. Sara received her B.S. in Marketing and Spanish from Butler University and, after graduation, began her career with NRHA. Sara enjoys traveling, being outdoors and exploring the city of Indianapolis.

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